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15 Temporary event signs are PROHIBITED in the following locations: Median strips of roads, traffic circles or in public landscaped areas, such as the lawn and planter areas adjacent to City neighborhood or gateway signs; Sidewalks or paved roadway surfaces, including where temporary traffic control signage is required; Fire lanes or within three feet of a fire hydrant; or Attached to utility poles, street furniture, utility vaults or street trees. Signage must not be attached with screws, nails, staples or similar fasteners to any City facility or equipment (e.g. street signs or light poles). Any sign found in violation may be removed and discarded and personnel fees may be charged. Street Markings Pavement painting, spray paint or spray chalk is prohibited on public streets or sidewalks. Non- permanent markings, such as loose chalk or flour, are permitted on horizontal sidewalks, paths, trails and paved surfaces. Vertical surfaces, such as buildings, rocks, bollards, trees, etc. may not be marked. Other temporary course markings may be used provided they do not damage public or private property and are only in place during the event. This may include survey tape/flags, pennants or similar items. The event sponsor shall remove all markings after the event or will be billed for staff time and resources to perform the cleanup. See the Banner topic for more information about approval of banners. Tents, Canopies & Bouncy Toys Tents, canopies, bouncy toys and other temporary structures must be secured to the manufacturer's specifications to prevent injury or damage. Stakes may only be used with written permission and only in the location specified to prevent damage to facilities. These structures should never be left unattended. Tents and membrane structures in excess of 400 sq. feet require a separate Fire Operational Permit from the Bellingham Fire Department. An application, including display plans, must be submitted to the Fire Department at least 10 days prior to the event for review and approval. Bouncy Toy Requirements Inflatable play equipment must be powered independent of City facilities, secured to the manufacturer's specifications and include an insurance endorsement in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence which lists the City of Bellingham as additional insured. See Insurance topic area for additional information. Equipment must be provided by a vendor that complies with Washington State Law (RCW 67.42 and WAC 296-403A) be certified by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. A list of locally acceptable vendors is available at Bellingham Parks & Recreation. Traffic Control Plan When an event impacts or requires closure of a public street(s), the following factors need to be considered: Police, fire, emergency medical services access routes; Church, school, business and resident access; Public transportation; Pedestrian access; Alternative traffic flows. These considerations are outlined in a Traffic Control Plan (TCP), which may be prepared by the applicant or by a private company depending on the complexity of the event. The

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